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Lost In Dungeon is a randomly generated action shooter with Rogue-like elements. Players will find bizarre treasures, Upgrade weapons and fight off droves of mysterious creatures. A good time killer with never ending procedurally generating gameplay. Difficulty increases with the time and you have to upgrade your weapons or buy new weapons to fight the enemies that become stronger with the time. 


•Endless gameplay 

•Randomly generated levels 

•100+ hours of fun 

•Randomly generated quests and rewards 

•Randomly generated dungeons, items, enemies. 


•Arrow keys (movement) 

•E (Interaction) 

•A (Bomb) 

•S (Freeze Bomb) 

•D (Shoot) (Full Controller Support)

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Lost_In_Dungeon.exe 25 MB
Nov 27, 2019
Lost In Dungeon.apk 29 MB
Sep 18, 2019

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